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The integrated system of active compression and cold with the power to accelerate and enhance recovery.

The revolutionary Game Ready system integrates compression and cold therapies like never before. Ideal for acute musculoskeletal injuries and post-operative rehabilitation to help you heal faster and recover better.


It is a system that combines a powerful portable control unit and a complete range of ergonomic and dual-action bandages to integrate compression and cold therapies.

Immediately following a musculoskeletal injury, the body initiates a gradual series of physiological reactions as it works to prevent damage to surrounding tissue, remove dead tissue and promote the renewal of normal tissue.

Inflammation is the first mechanism in the body's repair process. While it is a fundamental part of natural healing, the inflammatory reaction results in increases in local tissue temperature, edema formation, vasodilation and lack of cellular oxygen. All of these can cause pain, impair function and actually hinder recovery.

That's where Game Ready comes in. A giant leap beyond static cold and compression applications that passively control pain and swelling, ACCEL technology gives you the therapeutic power to improve lymphatic function, remove edema from the injury site, stimulate oxygenated blood flow to the injury and promote tissue healing.

Simply put, Game Ready gives you the power to help optimize and accelerate the body's natural repair mechanisms - for faster healing and better recovery.


Active Compression with Game Ready Active Cryotherapy

  • It reduces the patient's use of narcotics and allows earlier withdrawal of analgesics.
  • Improve the key measurable achievements of physical therapy.
  • Increases patient satisfaction with the recovery process.
  • Reduces the likelihood of needing blood transfusions.
  • It shortens the patient's hospitalization time.
  • Reduces wound suppuration.
  • Reduces the risk of infection.
  • Improves the contact surface for faster, deeper and longer lasting cooling.
  • Decreases pain, muscle spasms, edema and swelling.


  • It reduces metabolic activity and cellular oxygen demand, which reduces secondary tissue damage.

Compression (general)

  • Helps prevent edema formation and eliminate swelling.

Active cold

  • It moves heat away from the site of injury for more efficient temperature reduction.

Active compression

  • It mimics natural muscle contractions, and "pumps" the edema away from the injured area.
  • Optimizes lymphatic drainage.
  • Increases blood flow and oxygen supply.
  • Stimulates tissue repair and promotes the acceleration of the healing process.